Football105 Services

CIAO = clubs, individuals, academies, and organisations

Football academy implementation

Taking the lead in running independent or club-affiliated football academies, from supporting with facilities and coaches through to overall directorship.

Football operations

CIAOs can outsource us to professionally run their football operations and grow their platform in the game.

Player recruitment

Allowing CIAOs to tap into our ever-growing player database and gain easier access to the players showcased at events we are working on.

Facility investments

Consulting with CIAOs on the best ways to invest in and develop their facilities, or to find new or additional bases that will present growth opportunities.

Club or academy acquisition

Utilising our global network to help CIAOs – be they first time buyers or clubs looking to expand their footprint – acquire the right club in-line with their ambitions.

Project and events management

Working with CIAOs to get the most out of their projects and events, from initial planning through to promotion, execution, and subsequent action points.

International player pathways

Building bridges across the world by helping CIAOs recruit players from other countries and create subsequent opportunities for them to progress to the next stage of their career.


Acquiring funding opportunities that provide the means for successful player placements on home soil or in other countries.

Branding, marketing and communications

Improving the digital presence of CIAOs online platforms with two decades of expertise in the sports media industry.

Travel expertise

Specialist advice on visas, work permits, and travel to new countries for short and long-term football placements or contracts.

Talent identification

Finding players that match the requests of CIAOs and improve their teams’ on-field performance and player pathways.

Coach education

We have worked with leading educational establishments to create high-level coaching courses that can be completed by coaches all over the world.

Clinic and camp delivery

Running clinics and camps for CIAOs looking to grow their presence in other areas of their home country or around the world.